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Ikebukuro Terrace

FineMaisonmMitakadai      Available 

《It's okay for male, too》It is a big scale social share house which is 3 min walk from the popular ..."Click to Continue

 ★Single Room \65,000

FortunaHachimanyama   NEW! 

7 stops far from Shinjyuku station that take 15 min by local train. .."Click to Continue

★Single Room\59,000~70,000



 2 stops to Ikebukuro, take just a minute to station. This is the designer’s shared house which is stuck to good location.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\54,000~64,000

Toritsudaigaku Machiya        Available

Near the Toritsudaigaku station of the Tokyu Toyoko Line, filled with fancy shops and coffee shops!!.."Click to Continue 

★Single Room  ¥59,000~,63000


Ikebukuro Terrace


The new plan of popular MAISONdeOBJET. Whole new building specialize in the good sense  ..”Click to Continue
★Single Room\46,000~53,000



Matsudo Terrace   

If you like a large room with inexpensive price that might be a good choice. The super market just on first .."Click to Continue  

★Single Room \39,000~43,000



By the Hibaya line to central of Tokyo needn't transfer, from the staion just takes 5 min walk, the clean..”Click to Continue

★Single Room \29,000



MINT Kyodo   

High quality new-built shared house in Kyodo, popular city in Tokyo!! It’s taking 17 min to Shinjuku .."Click to Continue

★Single Room\54,000~66,000

Belle Philia結

BellePhilia YUI                       NEW!

It takes 7 min walk from station to the house.From Hamdayama station to Shibuya just around 10 min.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥66,000~70,000

Ishikawadai Machiya  

On the A quiet residential street of Ota-ku area. The house just take 5 min walk from .."Click to Continue

★Single Room\53,000~62,000

Minani Asagaya

Nerja Minamiasagaya   NEW!

The new high-grade construction shareshouse in the populare area "Asagaya"! From the closet Minamiasagaya stat.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥65,000~72,000


Fortuna Narita

Fortuna Narita             Available 

The bright and opening living and dining room here is designed as a Northern Europe image. The.."Click to Continue

 ★Single Room \45,000



MINT Fujimigaoka    

Male also could lives here. This new construction house is on the Fujimigaoka staion of Inokashira line.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥49,000~62,000



MAISON de OBJET       Available

You can see the soft tones , design sense and big living room when you enter the sharehouse.."Click to Continue

★Single Room¥39,000~49,000

Maison DeMinowa    Available

Straight to the city center with the Metro Hibiya line, a woman-only sharehouse 2 minutes away on foot..”Click to Continue

 ★Single Room ¥46,000


Nakano Machiya       Available

Nakano has a constantly bustling shopping streets and Nakano broadway, and can find stylish cafes.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\63,000



Machiya Terrace

Machiya Terrace        Available

"Machiya" station on the Chiyoda line is the next station to "Nishi-nippori" on the Yamanote line. The Chiyoda.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\39,000~\49,000


Higashinihonbashi Tipetta Available

Newly opened August 2013 in a convenient spot in Chuou-ku, the heart of Tokyo, within 6 minutes..”Click to Continue 

 ★Single Room \68,000

Seijo Machiya

KORUTE Sasaduka  Available

To Shinjuku only takes 5 mimutes 3 stations! It'easy to go to Shinjuku and Shibuya which are both..."Click to Continue 

★Single Room \73,000 

Kachidoki Breeze

Kachidoki Breeze   Available

It's always occupied, and this is the share house which we always get.."Click to continue

★Single Room \29,000


MusashikoganeiMachiya   Available

The bright and spacious rooms, the relax sharehouse life! From the Musashikoganei station of the Chuo line.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥34,000~45,000


Horikiri Iris                        Available

Horikiri Iris is 1 minute walk from Horikirishōbuen station of the Keisei line. It's so near to the station..”Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥43,000~53,000


Shinkoiwa Tipetta

From the Shinkoiwa station of the JR Sobu rapid line to Tokyo station only takes 14 minutes, and to.."Click to continue 

★Single Room  \50,000


Toshimaen Terrace  Available

When you enter the entrance, you could find this spacious airy atrium space with the coating wall fitting.."Click to continue

★Single Room¥53,000


Toritsudaigaku Tipetta             Available

You can go to the popular Toritsudaigaku station at Tokyu Toyoko line by 4 minutes on foot and to.."Click to Continue

★Single Room¥59,000~65,000


Kouenji North          Available

From the popular Kouenji station of the JR Chuo line to Shinjuku takes 2 stations and 7 minutes train time,..”Click to Continue 

★Single Room ¥55,000~59,000


Sakurashinmachi Machiya Available

Have you been here「Sakurashinmachi」?You could see the road with the sakura trees.."Click to continue

★Single Room ¥56,000



Kugahara Oasis          Available

A house of unique design, which can be introduced in the TV program like ‘Construction Explore..."Click to Continue 

★Single Room¥49,000~59,000


Shinkoiwa Machiya         Available

The house is a four-minute walk from Shinkoiwa Station, which is a rapid train station of the JR Sobu line..”Click to Continue 


Shinjuku Macaron             Available

Through the heart of Tokyo city, the high buildings at the west side of Shinjuku station, and pass the city.."Click to continue 

★Single Room¥60,000~7.,000 


Ooi Machiya     Available  

Ooimachi, running along the JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokyu-Ooimachi Line, and the Rinkai Line, is the..”Click to Continue

★Single Room \59,000~75,000


Todoroki Machiya   Available

By walking, the house is near the Oyamadai station of the Tokyu Ooimachi line and the Jiyugaoka .."Ckick to Continue  


Kameido Breeze

KameidoBreeze            Available


From the Kameido station of JR Sobu line, it's only 4 stations far from the Akihabara station of JR Yamanote.."Click to Continue



Itabashioyama Machiya          Available

Every night, the open-air bath room is lighted by the moon. Like in a hot spring hotel, enjoy a luxury time.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\47,000~55,000



Echelle Jiyugaoka  Available

This is a high-grade and new share house which is popular and 2 min walk from Tokyu Toyoko lineˊs.."Click to Continue

 ★Single Room¥83,000

grace Kyodo

grace Kyodo           Occupied

NEW OPEN! A great access to the city center! (The shortest: Shinjuku 12 minutes, Harajuku 10 minutes,.."Click to Continue


Oyama Fine             Available

This sharehouse with 4 min walk from Itabashikuyakushomae station of the Metro Mita line, 9 min walk..”Click to Continue

★Single Room¥45,000~52,000



Yostuya  Terrace   


Yotsuya is at the center of the circle of JR Yamanote line. You could say it's on the central of .."Click to Continue

★Single Room \70,000


Ikebukuro Terrace

IkebukuroTerrace    Available

This is a share house that you can walk to Ikebukuro station. From the Kanamechō station of the Tokyo.."Click to Continue

 ★Single Room \53,000


Itabashihonchou Machiya

ChitoseFunabashi Machiya   NEW!

Chitose Funabashi Machiya has a surprisingly big bath. Not only you can stretch your legs, it's a big bath that.."Click to Continue

★SingleRoom \49,000~63,000


TakenoTipetta             Available

Our staff, who manage over 90 shareshouses in Tokyo, all recommend!.."Click to Continue 

★Single Room¥36,000~38,000

★Dormitory    ¥25,000


KaleleKai Ishikawadai   Available 

Be designed by the image of Hawaii, this high-grade new construction sharehouse is just close to .."Click to Continue

★Single Room¥66,000


Fortuna Takenotsuka  Available 

There is a new construction sharehouse in this very convenient area, Takenotsuka.."Click to continue

★Single Room \48,000

Sumiyoshikinshicho  Fine   Available

From the 3 min walk Sumiyoshi station of Metro Hanzomon line to Ootemachi is only 4 station distance, and.."Click to Continue

★Share Room \29,000



Setagayadaita Terrace   Available 

As there are no high buildings around the house, we have lots of sunlight coming into the room on the top.."Click to Continue

★Single Room¥60,000~66,000


Gyotoku Machiya 

Taking the Tokyo Metro Touzai line, from Gyoutoku station to Nihonbashi is 18 mintues, .”Click to Continue


Ogikubo North             Available soon

Only two stations from Kami-Shakujii station of the rapid train of Seibu Shinjuku line to Takada..”Click to Continue



Koiwa Machiya            Available

Support the young people who are working hard in Tokyo, the owner set the low cost rent. It's the.."Click to continue 

★Single Room¥35,000~42,000


Naka Nonno   

To Shinjuku only takes 5 minutes and one station, to Tokyo station also needn't transfer!..”Click to Continue
★Single Room¥49,000


Nakano North         Available

From the Numabukuro station to the Takadanobaba station, only takes 4 stations 7 minutes, so it's really.."Click to continue

★Single Room¥59,000


Toritsudaigaku Breeze

Toritsudaigaku Breeze   Available

The house is around the Toritsudaigaku station of Tokyu Toyoko line. From the house to the "Click to Continue

★Single Room \70,000




Tabata Macaron 

「With drinking a cup of cafe latte, want to eat macaron!」When our staff went to this house..Click to Continue 

 ★Single Room\55,000~59,000


KorentoHouse Hakuraku  NEW! Available 

We built this designer house as shared house for only women and it is in area on Tokyu Toyoko line, popular...”Click to Continue

 ★Single Room\49,000~56,000

Ayase Laputa            Available

This women’s share house features a 75 square meter open-air..”Click to Continue


★Dormitory ¥29,800


Katsutadai Machiya with Be-Lounge

Katsutadai Machiya with Be-Lounge      Available

The house has cooperated with Panasonic group, and the luxury share house just opened!."Click to Continue

★Single Room\38,000 

Kitaageo Machiya    Available

From the convenient station only takes 1 min walk. There is also a big shopping mall in front of the station. It's.."Click to Continue

 ★Single Room \41,000

Furoru Shakujikouen

Furoru Shakujikouen  Available

It's only 9 min 1 station to the Ikebukuro station by rapid train. A advantage for living in ShakujiKouen.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\48,000



FortunaNarita Duo   

All private room has each basin so you don’t need to worry bout other resident in the  ....”Click to Continue

 ★Single Room\42,000~53,000

sugamokomagame   Machiya  Available

The woman only sharehouse is just located at the place which is 6 min walk from JR Manometer line.."Click to continue

★Single Room¥59,000 



FinestSangenchaya    Available

Take 3 minutes to Sangenchaya Station. There are many fancy shop and only 2 stop to Shibuya Station.  .."Click to Continue
★Single Room¥67,000 

Koiwa Tipetta     Available  

From the Koiwa station of the JR Sobu line, you could go to Akihabara and Shinjuku without transfer.."Click to continue

★Single Room\42,000~\46,000


Nishikokubunji Machiya  Available

The nearest station is the Nishikokubunji station of the JR Chuo line. It has some distance from.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\33,000~38,000


Mizue Machiya

Mizue Machiya          Available  

Maybe the Mizue station of Toei Shinjuku line is not famous, but when you get off this station, you will find.."Click to Continue

★Single Room\40,000~\45,000




Only take 1 min from the famous station 「Youga」 on Denentoushi line. Give yourself more time to .."Click to Continue

★Single Room\70,000


Itabashi Machiya    

Just one stop to Ikebukuro Station. You can take 3 line from the house. Also it takes less than 15 min to Shi...”Click to Continue
★Single Room\45,000

Musashiseki Machiya

Musashiseki Machiya   Available 

2 min walk from the station. It also only takes 15 minutes from the Yamanote line Takadanobaba station.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥38,000~59,000


Fortuna Kodaira Tsuda

Fortuna Kodaira Tsuda    NEW!

Entering the house, you will find the spacious space in the lovely living and dining room with high ceiling. There.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥45,000~53,000


Kitasenju Tipetta               Available

 The Kitasenju station becomes more convenient because the Ueno-Tokyo line has opened. You.."Click to Continue

★Single Room \45,000

Sumiyoshi Sky Terrace 

Looking out the window, you’ll find a luscious green park down below, the beautiful waters of the Tokyo bay..Click to Continue 

★Dormitory    ¥34,000

Horikiri Machiya   Available 

Near the staion is very attractive for daily life. Horikiri Machiya is only 1 min walk from Horikiri shōbuen..Click to Continue 

★Single Room \48,000

Nakaitabashi Breeze Available


Only 5 minute walk through the shopping street from the station, and turn to the path, you can arrive..Click to Continue

★Single Room \48,000



Kamiooka Macaron   Available

By rapid train, the Kamiooka staiton is just next to Yokohama, and it's a famous and big terminal.."Click to continue

 ★Single Room \43,000

Denenchoufu Machiya           Occupied  

The「Denenchoufu」presents the high class area of Japan. And you could live in a such good house with.."Click to Continue


Kanamachi Breeze

Kanamachi Breeze

The Kanamachi station has a good access to city center with the Chiyoda line, JR Joban line, and.."Click to Continue

★Single Room \36,000



Nishishinjuku Machiya   Available 

By riding a bicycle, you could go to the Shinjuku station immediately. From the nearest station, .."Click to Continue

★Single Room\58,000

Fujimidai Machiya     Available

You will not be bothered by the dailylife. There are a high-grade supermarket「KITCHEN COURT」.."Click to continue

 ★Single Room \49,000

Itabashihonchou Machiya

Itabashihonchou Machiya Available

It's only 4 min walk from the station. To Sugamo station of JR Yamanote line is only 4 stations 7 minutes..”Click to Continue
★Single Room ¥45,000~57,000


Fortuna Koiwamix     NEW!

Male also could lives here. This new construction house is at the popular koiwa area! It's just 5 min walk.."Click to Continue

★Single Room ¥53,000~59,000


Ikebukuro Terrace


It's a new construction share house which is only 1 min walk from the Togoshi station of Asakusa line. And also 3 min walk ...”Click to Continue


Kamiooka Machiya    Available

By rapid train, the Kamiooka staiton it's just next to Yokohama, and it's a famous and big .."Click to Continue

 ★Single Room¥46,000

Setagaya Machiya       Available

Sentagaya-ku, Kinuta area is an exclusive residential area but not many people know it. This area is full of..Click to Continue

★Dormitory    ¥34,000

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Residents interview

Here are some interviews from the sharehouses' residents of Fineselect Co., Ltd.

They talked about the adventure and life of living in the sharehouse, please check it!

Resident from Tabata Laputa    Miss O(30ages) Born in Akita


The first time of living in Tokyo, it's convenient because that the sharehouse provides almost everything!


Here has the design toward woman, when I saw the living room and roof I started to love here!


Living in sharehouse can meet many people, and it's safer and happier than living by self.


>>Check here to see the interview of Miss O

Resident from Yotsuya Terrace   Miss M(sisters,20ages) Born in Yamanashi


The interview of the sisters who were living in Kachidoki Terrace and are living in Yotsuya Terrace now!


The points to choice the sharehouse are、female-only, Tokyo center, the management company!


Now, only consider living in a sharehouse!


>>Check here to see the interview of Miss M

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