■ About the common space 

What are the equipments there in the common space?

Maybe it would be different between each sharehouses, but the basic equipments are as below.


Kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, electric water boiler, cockopot etc., tableware

Washstand, bath or showerroom, restroom, washing and cloth dryer

Living room, dining room, table, desk or sofa, television, blue-ray, common PC, light, airconditioners

Shoes cabinets, vacuum cleaner, iron, iron stand


The stuff of dailylife is almost gathered, you could star a new life immediately.

How about the cleaning of the common space?

The common space of sharehouse is cleaning by the female staff from Fineselect on a regular time schedule.

The time depending on the house would be some different, in basic it's one time per week.


To everyone live there comfortablely, please help to do by yourself in the daily life for washing the tableware immediately after using and turn them back; don't put personal stuff in common space; find the place is getting dirty after using then clean it immediately ,etc..


■ About the room ■

What are the equipments there in the private room?

Maybe it would be different between each room because of the size or partition, but the basic equipments are as below.


Bed, table, chair, airconditioner, curtain, light

If in a dormitory type room, a safe box is prepared, too.


For the bed, the mattress is always prepared.

Please prepare the bed sheet, pillow, bedquil etc..

It's possible to prepare bed set for you but it costs other expense.


Ifyou need a bed set, please apply to our company before one week.


■ About the life and rule after moving in 

Are there some rules in the sharehouse?

Each sharehouse has its own rule.

The contents are different between the sharehouses, and we would explain the detail when viewing the house and signing a contract.


They are basical rules to let the residents be easy to get along with each other, so help can understand it then move in. 

Are there some rules about the trash?

Residents need to take turns with trash of common space.


Follow the area's rule which the sharehouse is belong with, and take the trash out in the ruled day and time.

Can I invite my friend to the sharehouse?

Visiting and staying are allowed. But because the sharehouse is only for woman, so the guest is also woman only. And because we need to inform other residents, so if the visitor would stay in your room, please inform us in advance. 


Also explain the basical manner and rule to the visitor before visiting.

After moving in, could I use the internet in the room immediately?

You don't need to do other procedure to using the internet after moving in. The internet fee is already included in the utility fee per month.


If the computer can't access to the internet, maybe need to use other one.


Also can use the common PC in the sharehouse.

Is there event hold? How long hold one?


We would hold events or party about twice a year.


In addition to, the residents in the sharehouse also hold the party by themselves.  

■ About the expense ■ 

The initial cost is about how much?

They are necessary for deposit, contract fee, the rent and utility fee of the first month, and the fire insurance .

It's need not to pay for the shiki-kin, rei-kin, and the agency fee.


The expense in detail please go to the sharehouse to check it.


Stuff are required when signing a contract please go to the from viewing to moving to check it.

Is the deposit refundable?

Usually when moving out, part of them would be deducted as a cleaning fee, and the surplus would be refunded.

The expense in detail please go to the sharehouse to check it. 


But if resident broken the equipments or the building on purpose or negligence, it might be charged indemnity or just deducted from the refundable diposit.

What are included in the utility fee?

Utility fee are as below.


Water fee, electric fee, gas fee, internet fee, cleaning fee of common space, consumable goods(toilet paper, cleaner from various type, and light bulbs in common space).


In basic, it charges a fixed cost per month, but if the expense is too much then it would be possible to rise the utility fee. So please do save the energy.  


■ About the contract, the procedure,others 

Is there any qualification for the residents?

We don't limit the age or jobs. We are welcome all residents who could obey the rules and the manner in the sharehouse.

Is possible for short-term contract? At least for how many months?

In the basic, we sign the contract at least three months or six months depending on the houses. 

Could I move out in any time?

When moving out, please inform us before one month.

If it doesn't pass one month from the day of informimg to the day moving out, please notice that it still need to pay the rent and utility fee for one month. If move out in the middle of the month, the rent and utility fee is accounted by day. 

The shortest time before moving in is? Is it possible to move in immediately after moving?

If the room is available, it's possible to move in immediately after signing a contract.

If in a hurry situation, please contact to us or discuss with us when viewing the house. 

If the sharehouse I want to move in are all unavailable, could I wait for someone moving out?

Because the vacancy information of sharehouse a month from now is hard to confirm, so we don't accept the resevation.

When the room is become available, we will renew the information of this website immediately.


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