Both of you had lived in 「Kachidoki Terrace」for a long time, and this time you choose 「Yotsuya Terrace」again. We're appreciated that. Do you get along with the members of 「Yotsuya Terrace」?How about your normal life?

Miss S:When I come back to home, I am usually with someone to watch TV, to chat, and eat together. No matter cooking by self or buying the meals outside, the memberes always eat in the living room, so it's happy that we could have many communications with each other. Everyone here loves the living room. There are some members with oversea experiences, so it has a image as international and daring feeling. Listening to the experiences they had, we could have conversation naturely.

Is it a little different between 「Kachidoki Terrace」 and 「Yotsuya Terrace」?

Miss S:The type is different, but I love both of them!

「Kachidoki Terrace」 is at a new resident area and easy to live. And even if I say anything, the most important is that I could live in a such high-class mansion. It was just like a dream. When I found it on the website, I got shocked and wanted to live right away.

I had lived in a dormitory type room of「Kachidoki Terrace」. Before that, I had no experience to live with someone at the same room, so I had been worried about it. But when I started to live, it was no need to worry anything, everything was perfect there. The sharehouse was calm and comfortable. In fact, I didn't want to move out, but because of the conditions of our jobs and studying abroad... I liked it so much as if I wanted to come back in the future.


「Yotsuya Terrace」is at the convenient area of the city center!There're many restaurants and funny shops here, and wherever I want to go, it's so convenient. This time, sister and I had the same schedule to come to Tokyo and live, so we wanted to live togehter again and searched the sharehouse. Just the same as 「Kachidoki Terrace」, the sharehouses of FINESELECT always have good location and other advantages.

Not only the builings, we like the surrounding environment, too. Other member told us that there is a biggest supermarket at the Yotsuya Sanchome, we always go to there shopping. And on the way to the supermarket, there are also a small fashion wine shop or other funny shops. We usually say thay want to buy wines then go home next time. If we don't have time to go to there, we also could buy things at the MYBASKET and LAWSON100YEN SHOP near the house. We never get bothered about this.

Miss O:The living room of「Yotsuya Terrace」is independent and doesn't near a room, so we don't have any hesitate to gather here. Because the「Kachidoki Terrace」is a sharehouse with less person, it's easy for residents to understand the life style and the time of each other. 「Yotsuya Terrace」is a sharehouse with more person, and the residents's time might be so different, but it could be a fun for this type's sharehouse. Now the initial members are gathering, and it might be the time for us to create the type of thie house.

Why did you sisters want to live together?

Miss S:I started to live in the sharehouse in the first, and I lived with pleasure so I thought if we lived together, it gonna be more pleasure. So when my sister came to Tokyo, we lived at the same sharehouse.


Miss O:Since it's my first time to live in Tokyo, our parents had agreed to that we lived together because they could feel assured. Our grandmother and other relationship also saied it's assuring that we lived together in Tokyo. We really recommend that the one who is the first time to live in Tokyo or first time to live by self to live in a sharehouse. Parents could feel assured.

When I started to live with my sister in the sharehouse, I think our relationship was getting better. Before living together, sister was living in Tokyo and I was living in our hometowm, and we have five year ages difference...Although we had a good relationshop but not so great than now. When we started to live together, we always cook and do things together. When we lived in「Kachidoki Terrace」, if I was busy and late to home, she would help me to do the dinner. We help each other.


Miss S&O:We do not only room share, and it's better for a sharehouse. If it's a room share, maybe we could have some trouble about the clean or other something. So it's great that a sharehouse with a management company and a house rule. Parents could feel assured, as if they aren't worried so cut the communication with us who are in Tokyo haha. 

You have lived in some sharehouses. Which is the point you notice?

Miss S:We searched the female-only, location, and the management company. We noticed the female-only and the location from the first, but with our experience, the management company is also very important. In fact, the sharehouse that we lived together in the initial was not fit to us because of the company and the location. So we hadn't lived there for a long time.

Miss O:Even it was near the station and covenient...

Miss S:The building was only focused on the design, but not care to the residents. The staff of that company's respondence was always strange...There was no supermarket, and the atmosphere was not good for us, too. So after we moved to the「Kachidoki Terrace」, we were really appreciated that there was comfortable to live.

By living in a sharehouse, have you changed?

Miss S:Totally different!I started to consider to live in a sharehouse in the beginning was because I couldn't accept there was a renew fee in a normal rent contract. I also felt I was loneliness and not happy to live alone, so I started to think to live in a sharehouse. Now, I only consider to live in a sharehouse. Maybe I won't move out until I get married. My friends who are also living in a sharehouse have the same thoughts haha.


You could meet different people in a sharehouse that you won't have a opportunity to meet in a normal life. To talk with them, you could feel your life also becomes wealthy. The one you meet in a sharehouse and have a good relationship, you can keep in touch with them even moving out.

It still hasn't been a long time for moving in「Yotsuya Terrace」, but I started to enjoy the conversation with the members.


Miss O:After graduating from school, I came to Tokyo, At that time, I live in「Kachidoki Terrace」, so I was the youngest one of the house. I has been a student in my hometowm, so when I came to Tokyo, I could talk to someone who was older than me and had many experiences of work and life, it was a big adavantage of the sharehouse. We had many communication like 「How about recently?」or 「I went there」etc., so the life was really wealthy.

Do you have advises for the one who wants to start a sharehouse life?

Miss O:The sharehouse's adavantages are there's always someone so you can feel assured, and you don't need to buy a furniture and appliance, etc..


Miss S:It's really easy to move, so if you wander to live or not, just give it a try. But in the sharehouse, there're people who are fit with you and not. So the sharehouse maybe is not suitable for the one who is inflexible, who won't change herself when living with others, who always believes she is right, who wants the same calm as living by herself, etc.. Even having a experince living in a sharehouse, it's differnet to live with different roommates, so it's important to be flexible and harmony. 

And you must to adjust the mood to live in a sharehouse. When you intercate with other, it's better to have personal life at the same time. 

It's ideal for that everyone here get along well, but it's also important to have some distances between the residents.

Even the residents of a sharehouse, there are still someone who need private time and like staying in the room. It's no problem of course, as long as do the minimun thing, like taking turns with trash. I like sharehouse that I can adjust the private and communication time by myself. If you're worried about the intercation, please don't think too much and just try it!

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