In the city, comfortable, promising,safe




The furniture and appliance are

   prepared, possible to move-in



There always already have furniture and appliance etc. in the rooms and common area, so you could start a newlife easily.


■Decorations for woman



It has fashion style and clean enviroment, and creating a comfortable space.

■Needn't worry the security


The security of all houses here are enhanced, and each room has its own lock, so you could live in here without worry.

 ■Sufficient sanitaryware


For the amonut of the residents, we provide the kitchen, washstands, restrooms, and bathrooms with sufficient space and quantity.

■Wifi is useable in the house


All rooms have access to the wifi.(The internet fee is included in the utility fee.) And also set a common PC for free.

■Cleaning by the female staff


The common space of sharehouse is cleaning by the female staff from Fineselect on a regular time schedule.


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