Oi Machiya

Ooimachi, running along the JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokyu-Ooimachi Line, and the Rinkai Line, is the first stop from Shinagawa Station just 3 minutes away. To Ebisu in 8 minutes, to Shibuya in 10 minutes, to Shinjuku in 15 mintues, to Ikebukuro in 21 minutes, to Shinbashi in 10 minutes, to Tokyo in 12 minutes, to Ueno in 17 mintues, to Tennouzu AIRU in 4 minutes, to Odaiba in 10 mintues, to Kawasaki in 10 minutes, to Yokohama in 23 minutes, to Jiyugaoka in 10 minutes, and to Futakotamagawa in 16 minutes, all don't need to transfer so it's a convenient area. Inside the Ooimachi station building, you’ll find Atre Ooimachi, and in front of the station you’ll find Ito-Yokado, Seiyu, and a recently opened Hankyu Department Store. 


The Ooi Machiya share house itself is a 7 minute walk passing through the shopping district into a quiet residential area. This women’s only share house was originally a sturdily built large-scale duplex with a large system kitchen where everyone enjoys cooking together. The house features rooms with round ceilings as well as Japanese-style rooms equipped with horigotatsu adding a sense of uniqueness. 


We’re looking for new residents as we work to create a comfortable and fulfilling environment here at "Oi Machiya". Those who are interested, please feel free to send an inquiry. 


★If contact us in Japanese, the reply would be speeded up. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Oi Machiya Move-in Condition & Managing Style


Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo



7 min walk from Ooimachi station JR Keihintohoku line, the Tokyu Ooimachi line and etc.


Move-in Conditions

Woman only, Man NG

Japanese:Personal Identification, Emergency Contact

Foreigners:Passport, Resident Card


Quantity of Rooms

Single room  12 rooms


Common Space

TV            1 *Blue-ray allowed

Kitchen                 1

Bath Room            2

Shower Room       1

Rest Room           3 *Washlet 

Washing               2 (Free, can dry)

Internet                ○

Common PC          ○(Free)

Bicycle Space      ○(Free)

Motorcycle Space  ○※¥5,000-/month


Managing Style

Manager   Visits(1 per week)

Cleaning   Manager(1 per week

Rule       No smoking, Friend stay need contact, Residents take turns with trash.


Near the House

100Yen Shop                     6 min walk

FamilyMart Convenience Store 3 min walk

Public Bathhouse                  6 min walk 

Hankyu Department Store        6 min walk 

ITOYOKADO Shopping Mall        6 min walk

Seiyu Supermarket        7 min walk

Shopping Street                   2 min walk

atre' Ooimachi                  7 min walk

Yamada Denki                  7 min walk 

Oi Machiya Vacancy Information

【Available from 2019/03/10~】   

Room Size Rent Utility Fee Deposit Others
113 8.3㎡


\10,000- \30,000-

Western style.

Bed, desk, chair, airconditioner, and curtain.

※\20,000 of deposit is refundable when moving out.


★If contact us in Japanese, the reply would be speeded up. Thanks for your cooperation.

お問い合わせはこちら(in Japanese)
Contact us in English

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