ShareHouse is?


A “share house” is a residency that is shared by several people who live together, and it's a normal lifestyle in Western. In Japan, some people also called it “guest house”. By the reports of media like television, newspaper and magazine, the share house lifestyle is starting to become a mainstream in Japan, particularly for young people.

The system of ShareHouse

Every resident uses minimal space to secure their own privacy (the most basic being the bedroom), while the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, restrooms, etc. are shared by all residents in the building. The management company would be responsible for the cleaning of common space on a regular time schedule.


Each resident contracts with the management company, and pay the rental and utility fee of the room each month in usual.

The glamors of ShareHouse

The galmors of sharehouse, we provide below.


■It has more spacious space like kitchen system and sanitaryware than

   renting alone.

■It provides a lifestyle of communication with other residents.

■Don't need to prepare furniture and appliance to start a new life.

■Don't need to worry about too much than living outside alone.


The important one is that, sharehouse not only reserves the own private space but also can do a conversation with other residents naturally when using the common space. Residents might be from different stories or works, so it's a big point of starting a new conversation because the sharehouse life.


The quantity of designer sharehouse is also rising recently. It seems people searching for the fashion lifestyle in the sharehouse is also rising.

About the initial costs of ShareHouse

About the contract of sharehouse, it usually need not the shiki-kin, rei-kin, agency fee, and guarantor as the usual rental contract.


Instead of that, when signing the contract, it usually costs the rent and utility fee of first month, contract fee, and deposit.


There always already have furniture and appliance etc., and internet fee is also included the utility fee. To consider the whole, it could less initial fee apparently than the usual rental contract.


※When moving out, most of the contract would refund part of the deposit. But depending on the condition of the room, it would be possible to deduct all of it.

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