Shinagawa Sky Terrace

This is the life in a tower apartment house you’ve been longing for!! As you approach the building, you’ll think to yourself “there’s really a share house here?!” as your expectations continue to rise.  Then, as you step inside, you’ll wonder “can I really live in a place like this?” This is a very high class designer apartment house reserved for only a limited number of people. The lobby has a luxurious atmosphere like a fancy hotel. At the concierge counter, the managers, security, and concierges take shifts offering 24 hour support. Everyday someone will be there to see you off and welcome you back home. During the day, various services including dry cleaning and taxis are available. Of course, the security here is also top notch. Honestly, you’ll begin to think such accommodations aren’t possible outside of shared housing.


When you enter the room, first take a look out the window. There you’ll see a beautiful view where you can see the ocean and rainbow bridge. Tall sky scrapers in the big beautiful sky, and in the distance you can see Tokyo Bay and Odaiba. At night you can enjoy the view of glimmering city lights in Tokyo. You could just forget the time passing for just viewing that.


Shinagawa station not only has the JR Yamanote line, the JR Keihintohoku line, and the JR Tokaido line, but also has Keikyu line and the Toei Asakusa line which are to the Haneda and Narita airport. Shinkansen of Tokaido line also stops here. No matter where you go, it's so convenient.


We’re looking for new residents as we work to create a comfortable and fulfilling environment here at Shinagawa Sky Terrace. Those interested in a chance to start anew, be sure to send us an inquiry.


★If contact us in Japanese, the reply would be speeded up. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Shinagawa Sky Terrace Move-in Condition & Managing Style


Minato-ku, Tokyo



13 min walk from Shinagawa station of the JR Tokaido line and the JR Yamanote line and the JR Yokosuka line and etc.


Move-in Conditions

Woman only, Man NG

Japanese:Personal Identification, Emergency Contact

Foreigner:Passport, Resident Card


Quantity of Rooms

Single room    2 rooms

Dormitory         1 room


Common Space

TV         1 *Blue-ray allowed

Kitchen              1

Bath Room        1

Rest Room        1 *Washlet 

Washing            1 (Free, can dry)

Internet            ○

Common PC      1 (Free)

Bicycle Space  ○※\1,000 per month


Managing Style

Manager  Visits(1 per week)

Cleaning  Manager(1 per week)

Rule      No smoking, Friend stay need contact, Residents take turns with trash.


Near the House

Lawson Convenience Store    2 min walk

Maruetsu Supermarket        8 min walk


Shinagawa Sky Terrace Vacancy Information

【Single Room】



Room Size Rent Utility Fee   Deposit Others
1302 9 ㎡


\11,000- \50,000-

Western style. Good daylighting.

Bed, desk, chair, air-conditioner, curtain, and closet.

※\20,000 of deposit is refundable when moving out.


★If contact us in Japanese, the reply would be speeded up. Thanks for your cooperation.

お問い合わせはこちら(in Japanese)
Contact us in English

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