• Horikiri Iris

Horikiri IrisHorikiri Iris

  • Horikiri Iris

  • Living room

  • Living room

  • Dining room

  • Living table

  • Living room

  • Dining table

  • Kitchen counter

  • Kitchen

  • Kitchen

  • Washroom

  • Bathroom

  • Shower room

  • Toilet

  • Washing machine

  • Hallway

  • Hall

Within 5 minutes from the station Female only Designers house International exchange

Only 1 min walk from Horikirishōbuen station of the Keisei line!!

Horikiri Iris is 1 minute walk from Horikirishōbuen station of the Keisei line. It's so near to the station like when a little fall of rain, even you don't have a umbrella you also could come back to the house. It's also a convience place for living outside by yourself, because between the station and the house, there are supermakert, convience store, drug store, even post office. Even though the convience there, the area is so quiet. So hard to belive. To Nippori station of the JR Yamanode line is only 5 staitions far from Horikirishōbuen station, and it's so easy to go to everywhere in Tokyo. It's also easy to transfer trains in Nippori station because of the platform is so near by each other. It's a point to consider when you need to go to job or school in rush time.

In the building, the living room and kitchen have been accented with European wallpaper, and the facilities along with its several community spaces still leave the house with plenty of room. The big bathroom is also a special point. The entrance use keypad automatically locks, and it enhances the security there. We have various rooms such as a bright, big room, a room with a big closet, a room with two windows, etc.

We work to create a comfortable and fulfilling environment here at "Horikiri Iris". If you’re looking for to relax in a great women’s share house, be sure to send us an inquiry.

Katsushikaku-ku, Tokyo
Keisei Electric Railway Keisei Main line Horikirishoubuen 1-minute walk
1 min walk from Horikirishōbuen station of the Keisei line

Move in conditions

Woman onlym, Man NG

Japanese:Personal Identification, Emergency Contact

Foreigner:Passport, Resident Card

Property overview

Number of roomNUMBER OF ROOMS

Private room Single room  6 rooms

Shared facilitiesFACILITIES

Living 1  ※TV1。*Blue-ray allowed。Kitchen 1。
Bathroom 1
shower room 1
Toilet 2 *Washlet
Washing matchine 2 (Free, can dry)
the internet
Bicycle parking space


Rules No smoking, Friend stay need contact, Residents take turns with trash.

Surrounding facilitiesFACILITY

MiniStop Convenience Store  1 min walk

Akafudado Supermarket    1 min walk

Post Office        1 min walk

Vacancy information