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Corento House MeguroMeguro Terrace

  • Corento House Meguro

  • living room

  • living room

  • living room

  • living room

  • living room

  • dining room

  • kitchen

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  • washroom

  • bath room / toilet

Yamanote line Within 5 minutes from the station Female only

Living in Meguro! One minute walk from Meguro Station!

Living in Meguro! Just a minute walk from Meguro Station! Once you start living in this house, you'll be amazed at how convenient it is, and how many of our tenants stay here for a long time! We've remodeled the bathroom and interior design of the living room. Please take a look at the renovated house! In the "atre" station building, there is a supermarket and a dry cleaning store! There are many famous ramen shops and restaurants between the station and the house. There are also many famous ramen shops and restaurants between the station and the house. The room is on the 4th floor of a 4-story building, and 6 people share a 6LDK room. The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are fully equipped, so there's no need to wait for your room to be ready. Each room has a window facing east or south, and is 5.6 to 9.2 tatami in size. Air conditioning, wired and wireless LAN are of course provided. On the rooftop, there's a space where you can hang your laundry, and you can also see Tokyo Tower, making it feel spacious and open.
The house was designed from a woman's point of view, which has been well received! Our staff is looking forward to hearing from you.

Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku
JR Yamanote line Meguro

Move in conditions

Female only. Male NG.
Japanese: ID card, emergency contact information.  
Foreigners: Passport, Residence card.

Property overview

Number of roomNUMBER OF ROOMS

Private room Room 6

Shared facilitiesFACILITIES

Living Yes *One shared kitchen.
Bathroom 2 rooms
Toilet 2 Western-style rooms
Washing matchine One washing machine.
the internet Fiber optic line (free) *All rooms are wired for LAN.
Bicycle parking space without


Rules No smoking on the premises. Friends are not allowed to stay in the room. Men are not allowed in the room. Garbage is taken out on duty.

Surrounding facilitiesFACILITY

Post office 5 mins walk.
Wendy's 1 min walk.
McDonald's 2 mins walk.
Natural Lawson 2 mins walk.
Sunkus 1 min walk.

Vacancy information